Increase Sales with Website Design

What sales directors need to know about how good design boosts sales.  

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Increase sales with webdesign guide

Boost Sales

Increasing sales requires an in-depth study of customer behaviour and their needs in the markets. In addition, 60-80% of sales decisions are made even before initial contact with the sales team.

Effective tools

Websites are the most effective tactic to investigate the customers' needs. Websites serve visitors, leads, prospects and customers to proceed effectively in their flywheel.


The target of this guide is to educate about website development to increase sales.

Learn to develop the following areas of web design:

  • Web traffic and leads
  • Prospecting
  • Qualification chatbots
Development of Sales in 2021

Utilise your website into increasing sales

Increasing sales with web design

of B2B marketers

say that SEO and organic traffic brings more quality leads than any other marketing activity.

Increasing sales with web design

of consumers

prefer chatbots because they enable fast responses to simple questions.


Increasing sales with web design

of business purchases

with a google search. Businesses are more active in searching for information on the web than consumers.

"Finding quality leads and developing seamless sales processes are going to shape the future of sales. Most of the sales are going to be conducted in the digital channels so the website design is the critical factor in winning the future sales."

Reea Vainikainen, Customer Success Specialist

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